wild medicinal plant

Wild medicinal plant – Seuseureuhan (Piper aduncum)

The wild medicinal plant is one of the gifts for Indonesia.  The huge rainforest is the best home for many medicinal plants species.  it has been a long time since Indonesia was famous as the land of diversity for plants and animals.  medicinal plants are also abundant in Indonesia.  But, there are many underutilized. Unfortunately, deforestation is a serious issue related to diversity.

forgotten vegetable and medicinal plant

Forgotten Vegetable and Medicinal Plant – Kemarungan (Coccinia grandis)

Forgotten vegetable and medicinal plant are an interesting topic. Kemarungan (Coccinia grandis) are popular among the Indonesian X-generation childhood.  During the 80s-90s, this plant was still often found growing wild in gardens or on land boundary fields. Children at that time called the fruit of this plant, as snake food.  But nowadays, Kemarungan is difficult to find. This species may also put in the list of marginal vegetables in Indonesia.

Kadsura scandens - Wild Edible Liana Fruits

Wild Edible Liana Fruits – Kadsura scandens

There are many wild edible liana fruits in the tropical region.  When you are in the Indonesian rain forest if you are lucky you will see one of the wild edible Liana fruit.  The fruit’s appearance is unique.  At first glance, it may look like a sugar apple.  When it is young, the fruit color is light green. But, when they are ripe enough, their color is turning to yellowish-orange.

10 uses of Caryota mitis as a survival plant

Caryota mitis as survival plants and their 10 uses you should know

10 uses of Caryota mitis as survival plants you should know. Survival situations may happen to everyone. You who loved outdoor activities, such as hiking, trekking, exploring, usually have learned how to face the survival evidence.  Which you probably never expected.  But again, a survival situation can happen to everyone.  It can be caused by getting lost, natural disasters, or some other reasons.