What Is Urban Farming2

What Is Urban Farming? | One Of The Future Trend

What is Urban Farming?  Wagstaff and Wortman (2013), define urban farming as all forms of food and non-food production activities in the agricultural sector that occur in or around cities. Several kinds of literature also mention urban farming as the production of foodstuffs both from plants and animals in urban areas and their surroundings, both for personal needs and for commercial purposes (Diekmann et. al., 2016)

Tropical rainforest orchids

Tropical Rainforest Orchids | List Of 29 Protected Orchid Species In Indonesia

There are many tropical rainforest orchids in the world.  From the report, there are 43.000 species and thousands of new species every year put on the list. Indonesia has at least 5,000 species of native orchids (Anggrek), with 986 species in Java, 971 species in Sumatra, 113 species in Maluku, and the rest spread across several other islands. From the condition of the forests in Kalimantan and Sulawesi, it seems that there will still be more new species to be found in the future. 

Correlation Between Skin And Pain

What Happens If You Get Stung By A Nettle?

What Happens If You Get Stung By A Nettle? here you can find an illustration of what happens when peoples stung by Pulus (Dendrocnide stimulans), the most dangerous stinging nettle in Indonesia. There is no complete information available. Since knowing Pulus More than ten years ago. I have often been stung by Pulus. And I also witnessed the peoples who were stung by Pulus. The symptoms we experienced were different. Ranging from mild to the most severe.

Correlation between skin and pain

Correlation Between Skin And Pain: Learn The Quran From Nettle Sting

Is there a correlation between skin replacement with pain? What does damaged skin associated with pain? How to correlate pain when stung by nettles with one verse in the Quran above? Is skin really matter for the pain?

“… .Whenever their skin is burnt completely, We will replace it so they will ˹constantly˺ taste the punishment…”

(Surah An-Nisa: verse 56)
Wild edible greens salad

Wild Edible Greens Salad

Wild edible greens salad is the recipe from various wild edible plants. I also share the recipe in the Indonesian language on cookpad.com. An Indonesian forest is a suitable place as a home for many plants. Tropical rain forest areas have high rainfall so that the water is abundant throughout the year. There are so many edible plants. Starting from the plants in the emergent layer, upper canopy, lower canopy, to the forest floor.