watermelon nutritional benefits

Watermelon Nutritional Benefits | The Natural Viagra

We will briefly discuss watermelon nutritional benefits. Watermelon is famous because the fruit is sweet and fresh. peoples commonly consume the fruits, but until now it is still classified as a vegetable. Starting from 5000 years ago, watermelon began to be recorded in human history. The watermelon’s ancestors are believed to have originated in southern Africa, and then spread northward, and eventually spread to more areas. Currently, watermelon has become a common commodity in the world. Its distribution and production are evenly in all countries. Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) is a member of the Cucurbitaceae family. The Cucurbitaceae family is a monoecious plant. Male and female flowers are separate on the same plant.

food list for plant based diet

Food List For Plant-Based Diet And The Trend Of Vegetable Consumption In Indonesia

Plant-based diet increasingly becomes a new trend for today. There are many food list for plant-based diet in Indonesia. Especially for vegetables which are easy to find every day with cheaper compared to meat price.  Many experts and scientists predict that the consumption of vegetables will increase gradually.  Can Indonesia finally reach the recommendation from WHO for ideal vegetable consumption.? In Fact, based on the data, nowadays the consumption of vegetables in Indonesia is far below the WHO recommendation.

edible wild plants

Edible wild plants | Kaman (Neptunia oleracea)

Edible wild plants in Indonesia are very numerous.  One of them is Kaman (Neptunia oleracea). Even though it grows wild, Kaman can be used as a vegetable. In addition, Kaman is also potential as a bioremediation plant and biofertilizer. in West Sumatra and some places in Kalimantan, Kaman is generally a very delicious vegetable. Kaman leaves are delicious as the main ingredient in curry dishes. Maybe this is why, so on some online menu links, almost all Kaman leaf dishes turn into curries.

Snake Repellent Plant

Kilemo (Litsea cubeba) As Snake Repellent Plant, One Of Native Edible Plant From Indonesia

Snake repellent plant that common already are Marigold, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, Lemongrass, and Garlic. Peoples are still not that familiar with Kilemo. Kilemo (Litsea cubeba) grows wild in the forest. This is species-rich in benefits. There are many essential oil products on the market. According to local wisdom, mostly in west java regions, this wood is also considered effective in keeping snakes away.

Native Indonesian wild fruit

Native Indonesian Wild Fruit, Saninten (Castanopsis argentea)

Native Indonesian wild fruit is very abundant. this time we will discuss one of the most delicious fruits that we can find in Indonesian forests, namely Saninten. Currently, the government has issued a regulation to protect the existence of Saninten from exploitation. Hopefully, the existence of Saninten will remain sustainable, so that it can be enjoyed and remain part of Indonesia’s forests.