food foraging in Indonesia

Food foraging in Indonesia

Human ancestors got their food by hunting the animals and gathering from wild plants around their shelters.  Hunting animals were need tools and more energy, but collecting food from plants is easier.  We will discuss about plant food foraging and how we can do it in Indonesia and what we will get from the activity.

Indonesian coffee origin and story

Indonesian Coffee Origin and Story

Indonesian coffee origin and story is always nice to study. Story from the origin and then combine with best place for them to grow, finally make their characters is unique.

Kaldi Story

Most of story talking about coffee benefits started when Abyssinian (Ethiopia) goat shepherd named Kaldi observe the goats still energetic a whole night.  He discover that the goats was eat the coffee leaves and bean in the ancient forest of Ethiopian plateau. 

turmeric curcumin side effect and benefit

Turmeric A Golden Spice With Many Advantages And Curcumin Side Effects

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) origin was from Southeast Asia and has been a long time known as medicinal plants in many countries, including Indonesia.  Peoples also mention turmeric as Asian Saffron.   Some literature mention that the spreading of turmeric from the origin was on 700 AD to China, 800 AD to East Africa, 1200 AD to West Africa.  Here is the review of turmeric curcumin side effects.