How To Make Coffee Without Coffee Maker, 13 Things To Consider

How to make coffee without coffee maker? Indonesian people, traditionally enjoying a cup of coffee which is made manually.  A long history of coffee in the world is inseparable from Indonesian history.  Indonesia is the first place for coffee to grew in optimum condition, outside their origin place in Ethiopia. After a long way for Dutch peoples to do trial in some places.

what is natural diuretic

What Is Natural Diuretic | 20 natural diuretic foods and drinks

What Is natural diuretic. Diuretics are compounds that can increase the amount of urine to maintain the water content in our bodies. Various factors influence water retention. Some of these factors are related to health conditions, such as kidney disease and heart failure. However, water retention also occurs due to hormonal changes, menstrual cycles, or long periods with no activities.

edible ornamental plant

Edible Ornamental Plant | Berlangkas (Polyscias fruticosa)

Edible ornamental plant have long been known among rural communities in Indonesia. In fact, Many local ornamental plants are actually edible. Also, It has been used for a long time for daily needs. In general, people recognize and use plants for vegetables and medicinal purposes. However, today some of these local edible ornamental plants are becoming increasingly unpopular.