Wild edible greens salad

Wild Edible Greens Salad

Wild edible greens salad is the recipe from various wild edible plants. I also share the recipe in the Indonesian language on cookpad.com. An Indonesian forest is a suitable place as a home for many plants. Tropical rain forest areas have high rainfall so that the water is abundant throughout the year. There are so many edible plants. Starting from the plants in the emergent layer, upper canopy, lower canopy, to the forest floor.

edible plants in Indonesia

Edible plants in Indonesia

Always interesting to talk about edible plants in Indonesia. The abundance of plant species in Indonesia is one of the greatest blessings for peoples who live here. Without a doubt, here we have a wise word that mentions Indonesia as gemah ripah loh jinawi nation. The meaning of this sentence is a nation with fertile land and sufficient food and peace and prosperity.

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Urban Foraging In Indonesia

Nowadays schools and university activities are still off, work from home is more common, and people can’t take a vacation.  For those who like traveling regularly, now is really boring time.  While we already have time to leave, but for safety reason, we must be able to restrain our self.  Pandemic requires all of us to stay at home or only do activities near our home.  For peoples who live in Indonesia, it is time to improve the competency of urban foraging. Time to enhance practical botany skills and explore the city where we live.

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Universal Edibility Test In The Indonesian Wild

What is the worst experience you have had by trying to eat a plant that you have never known before?. Did you ever try the universal edibility test for the plants you have found before you eat them?.

Some of my colleagues have vomited because of miss-ID. The others feel the sensation of burning inside their mouth, just because they eat a piece of plant leaves they got during hiking activities in the forest.

food foraging in Indonesia

Food foraging in Indonesia

Human ancestors got their food by hunting the animals and gathering from wild plants around their shelters.  Hunting animals were need tools and more energy, but collecting food from plants is easier.  We will discuss about plant food foraging and how we can do it in Indonesia and what we will get from the activity.