Native Indonesian wild fruit

Native Indonesian Wild Fruit, Saninten (Castanopsis argentea)

Native Indonesian wild fruit is very abundant. this time we will discuss one of the most delicious fruits that we can find in Indonesian forests, namely Saninten. Currently, the government has issued a regulation to protect the existence of Saninten from exploitation. Hopefully, the existence of Saninten will remain sustainable, so that it can be enjoyed and remain part of Indonesia’s forests.

Tropical rainforest orchids

Tropical Rainforest Orchids | List Of 29 Protected Orchid Species In Indonesia

There are many tropical rainforest orchids in the world.  From the report, there are 43.000 species and thousands of new species every year put on the list. Indonesia has at least 5,000 species of native orchids (Anggrek), with 986 species in Java, 971 species in Sumatra, 113 species in Maluku, and the rest spread across several other islands. From the condition of the forests in Kalimantan and Sulawesi, it seems that there will still be more new species to be found in the future. 

Rare plants in Indonesia

List Of 56 Endangered Plants In Indonesia

Endangered plants in Indonesia are the subject of an interesting discussion. Indonesia is the country with the large biodiversity in the world.  Its because Indonesia is number 3 in the world’s largest rainforest. After Amazon and Congo rainforest.  What factors cause the rarity? 

Not only become the border of 2 continents (Australia and Asia), its territory has geographic boundaries for endemic species (Wallace, Webber, and Lydekker lines), but also, there are 18,000 islands, which allow for geographical isolation and further enrich the diversity of species

deforestation in Indonesia

Deforestation in Indonesia: And The List of 28 Endangered Plants Species

With the reason of increasing income, thousand hectares of the rain forest has exploited for plantation and mining area. Many plant species became endangered.  Deforestation in Indonesia contributes to the biodiversity distinction.  Click here to find some data related to deforestation.

Today, many plant species are on the list of endangered species.  In the past, easily we can found them in nature. They were endemic in some spots of the Indonesian forest.