Backyards Utilization

Backyard utilization in the Landbouw-kolonisatie area in Metro-Lampung

Backyards is an important element in the Javanese settlement. Not only as an open space between homes or neighbors, but also as a means to support the fulfilment of daily needs.  Backyard utilization of Javanese people, is the topic to remind the local wisdom of Javanese people in the Landbouw-kolonisatie area in Metro, Lampung. I was born in Metro and spent my first 20 years there.

the value of BBC plants for Javanese

The value of BBC plants for Javanese peoples in the “Landbouw-kolonisatie” in Metro, Lampung Province

The value of BBC plants for Javanese peoples will discuss about Landbouw-Kolonisatie program and the correlation with the cultivation tradition of the BBC plants. The BBC plants are excluding rice as the most important crop in Indonesia.  These 3 plants are banana, bamboo, and coconut.  Why these 3 plants are essential for Javanese peoples?, because it related with the benefits of these 3 plants.  In fact, these 3 plants are almost exist in daily activities of Javanese peoples in Lampung province.

Vegetable Plants In Indonesia

Vegetable Plants In Indonesia: A Short Review of Indische Groenten Book

Indische Groenten is a book in the Dutch language. Book with 1005 pages contains information about vegetable plants in Indonesia in the 1920s. This book is one of the important references for studying the history of plant benefits in Indonesia. We can found many pieces of information related to the vegetables, ethnobotany, recipe, and culture in Indonesia

generation of plant breeding

The Generation of Plant Breeding


When humans became food gatherers, they collecting useful plants surround them. Gradually, more plants were recognized and used as food and other needs. Fresh food became more varied.  Not only fruits, but also seeds, tubers, and leaves. Then they learn and able to process theirs. The generation of plant breeding can not be separated from human history. If you want to read in the PDF version, you can visit

deforestation in Indonesia

Deforestation in Indonesia And Biodiversity Loss Risk

deforestation and biodiversity loss risk in Indonesia still continues. Deforestation is happening in Indonesia.  We can saw data from mention that there are 480,000 and 440,000 hectares of deforestation in 2017 and 2018 respectively. in fact, every day deforestation still continues. 

As reported by Austin et. al. (2019), that deforestation mostly caused by plantation (oil palm, timber, and rubber) and mining activities.  Secondly, deforestation also caused by wildfires. As seen almost every year, wildfires causing the smoke problem.

legion botanica

Brief History of Plant Utilization In Indonesia

Indonesia is the 15th largest country in the world. With a total area of 1,904,569 kilometers square and more than 18.000 islands. An article that contains some information about plants utilization in Indonesia

Located in an equator between 2 continents Asia and Australia, and two oceans; the Pacific and Indian ocean.  Indonesia is one of the world’s hot spots for biodiversity.  With about 40,000 of a huge group of Spermatophytes, and more than 2,000 fern species, and 80,000 fungi species.