The diversity of amaranth species in Indonesia

Amaranth is one of the popular vegetables in the world.  How many Amaranth species are in Indonesia?  are all of them cultivars? how many wild species are existing in Indonesia?  Unfortunately, the information about the diversity of Amaranth species in Indonesia is still limited.

Indonesian underutilized vegetable

Indonesian underutilized vegetable | Tetragonia tetragonioides

There are many Indonesian underutilized vegetable plants.  Mostly they are native species, but some of them are introduced from some regions.  Indonesia is a rich country with natural resources. And became a meeting point for trade routes from east to west and vice versa long ago. The interaction far before and during the Dutch colonial era was one of the reasons for the process of species introduction.  The process is still continuing till today.

forgotten vegetables in Indonesia

Forgotten vegetables in Indonesia | Gendola (Basella rubra)

Gendola (Basella rubra) is one of Indonesian native species. Even though it used to be a vegetable plant, but today, Gendola become one of the forgotten vegetables in Indonesia. Nowadays, Gendola is only popular as a medicinal plant. In fact, it is very rare, people use it as a vegetable.

Survivals plant in the coastal areas

Survival’s plant in the coastal areas | Gelang Pasir (Sesuvium portulacastrum)

Survival is the state or fact of continuing to live or exist.  It can be caused by an accident, natural disaster, war, or other difficult circumstances.  the length of the survival condition is full of uncertainty. A survivor must quickly get out of the survival condition safely. Of course composure, skill and readiness will increase one’s chances of survival. Food availability is one of the most important things for survival. Below is the information, one of the survival’s plant in the coastal areas.

Indonesian Indigenous vegetables

Indonesian Indigenous vegetables | Mollugo pentaphylla

Indonesian indigenous vegetables referred to the plants that are commonly used as vegetables, but nowadays was unpopular anymore. There are many plants that today are simply known as grasses. But actually, the Indonesian people previously used it as vegetables. Mollugo penthapylla is on the list of vegetable plants according to the Indische Groenten book.