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Food List For Plant-Based Diet And The Trend Of Vegetable Consumption In Indonesia

Plant-based diet increasingly becomes a new trend for today. There are many food list for plant-based diet in Indonesia. Especially for vegetables which are easy to find every day with cheaper compared to meat price.  Many experts and scientists predict that the consumption of vegetables will increase gradually.  Can Indonesia finally reach the recommendation from WHO for ideal vegetable consumption.? In Fact, based on the data, nowadays the consumption of vegetables in Indonesia is far below the WHO recommendation.

Vegetable Plants In Indonesia

Vegetable Plants In Indonesia: A Short Review of Indische Groenten Book

Indische Groenten is a book in the Dutch language. Book with 1005 pages contains information about vegetable plants in Indonesia in the 1920s. This book is one of the important references for studying the history of plant benefits in Indonesia. We can found many pieces of information related to the vegetables, ethnobotany, recipe, and culture in Indonesia

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What Is Urban Farming? | One Of The Future Trend

What is Urban Farming?  Wagstaff and Wortman (2013), define urban farming as all forms of food and non-food production activities in the agricultural sector that occur in or around cities. Several kinds of literature also mention urban farming as the production of foodstuffs both from plants and animals in urban areas and their surroundings, both for personal needs and for commercial purposes (Diekmann et. al., 2016)

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Information about plants in Indonesia: some websites you can explore to find the facts from different aspects

When we looking for information about plants in Indonesia on the internet, actually there are no many choices of searching results we have.  The websites are still limited. Some websites we can found also have unique topics.  But by compiling the information of some websites below, hopefully, it will help you to find the information about Indonesian plants