natural first aid

Natural First Aid For The Nettle Sting

Natural first aid if you get stung by stinging nettle is needed.  The treatment is to ease the symptom and the burn sensation.  There are many local wisdoms of natural remedies from local peoples.  They know exactly the dangers of the stinging nettle.  From generation to generation, they learn how to handle and minimize the risk while in the forest.

marasi the miracle fruit

Marasi The Miracle Fruit | Turning Sour Taste Into Sweet | One Of The Indonesian Native Species

Marasi is the miracle fruit of Indonesia. Is it possible lemon becomes sweet without sugar? When we eat Marasi (Curculigo latifolia) fruits just before we eat lemon, we will taste the sweet lemon. No matter how sour it is, your lemon will be sweet.  That is why we called it miracle fruit.

what is natural diuretic

What Is Natural Diuretic | 20 natural diuretic foods and drinks

What Is natural diuretic. Diuretics are compounds that can increase the amount of urine to maintain the water content in our bodies. Various factors influence water retention. Some of these factors are related to health conditions, such as kidney disease and heart failure. However, water retention also occurs due to hormonal changes, menstrual cycles, or long periods with no activities.

edible ornamental plant

Edible Ornamental Plant | Berlangkas (Polyscias fruticosa)

Edible ornamental plant have long been known among rural communities in Indonesia. In fact, Many local ornamental plants are actually edible. Also, It has been used for a long time for daily needs. In general, people recognize and use plants for vegetables and medicinal purposes. However, today some of these local edible ornamental plants are becoming increasingly unpopular.

Snake Repellent Plant

Kilemo (Litsea cubeba) As Snake Repellent Plant, One Of Native Edible Plant From Indonesia

Snake repellent plant that common already are Marigold, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, Lemongrass, and Garlic. Peoples are still not that familiar with Kilemo. Kilemo (Litsea cubeba) grows wild in the forest. This is species-rich in benefits. There are many essential oil products on the market. According to local wisdom, mostly in west java regions, this wood is also considered effective in keeping snakes away.

Useful tropical plant

Useful Tropical Plant | Pohon Jaran (Lannea coromandelica) Edible As Vegetable, Medicinal, And Water Source During Survival Condition

One of the Useful tropical plant that we are discussing now is Pohon Jaran. Peoples are more familiar with Pohon Jaran as a shade tree on the side of the road and a tree on the fence. Today, fewer peoples understand that this plant is one of the useful tropical plant, especially for vegetable.