Stinging Nettles In Indonesia

Common Stinging Nettles In Indonesia

Common stinging nettles in Indonesia consist of several genera and many species. Their distribution is almost in every place in the Indonesian forest. Always interesting to learn more detail about them. It because I often saw and also get stung during my expedition.

The article is combining the information already available with personal observations while traveling in several areas. Please do not hesitate to give your input and correction. Perhaps there is some information that still needs to add.

turmeric curcumin side effect and benefit

Turmeric A Golden Spice With Many Advantages And Curcumin Side Effects

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) origin was from Southeast Asia and has been a long time known as medicinal plants in many countries, including Indonesia.  Peoples also mention turmeric as Asian Saffron.   Some literature mention that the spreading of turmeric from the origin was on 700 AD to China, 800 AD to East Africa, 1200 AD to West Africa.  Here is the review of turmeric curcumin side effects.

edible roots in Indonesia

Edible roots and other underground plant parts in Indonesia

Talking about edibility parts, root, and other underground plant organs, actually it becomes important food for Indonesian peoples. A lot of edible roots we can found in every place in Indonesia.

Botanically, the underground part of plants distinguishes as root and non-root. True root called taproots (main root usually larger than branch root), fibrous (all root has the same size), and adventitious root (form from any part of plants than root). And non-root itself is an underground part of plants, such as bulbs, corms, rhizomes, and tubers.

legion botanica

Aloe vera benefits For Food and Medicine

Aloe vera benefits for food and medicine have known for a long time ago in many civilizations. Indonesian peoples use Aloe vera for hair treatment and some medicinal functions.  As information, Lidah buaya is Indonesia’s name for Aloe vera.  Commonly, the plants grew in the garden and backyard as ornamental plant.  The benefits of Aloe vera compounds besides as antiviral agent also reported effective as anti-oxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-helminthic, antifungal, and antimicrobial. 

nangsi legion botanica

More Detail About Nangsi (Oreocnide rubescens): Completing The List of Edible Flowers in Indonesia

Talking about Urticaceae family is always special for me.  I live for more than 20 years in west java and some species from Urticacea always become one interesting topic during discussions with peoples who lived in West Java.  Oreocnide rubescens is species which include in the list of edible flowers in Indonesia.

Centella asiatica benefits

Centella asiatica Benefits For Our Skin and Brain

I was visiting Chiang Mai-Thailand during the 2000s. It was the first time, I knowing other Centella asiatica benefits as an edible plant. When visiting one of the traditional markets, my colleagues offering special juice, named Bai-bua-bok juice (they said that is broken heart juice). 

The juice was green and fresh with ice. The taste is very yummy.  And from the taste, directly I realize that “this is the Pennyworth juice”., mention some benefits of Bai bua bok is good for the heart, refreshing our body, and maintain our blood pressure.