deforestation and biodiversity loss risk in Indonesia still continues. Deforestation is happening in Indonesia.  We can saw data from mention that there are 480,000 and 440,000 hectares of deforestation in 2017 and 2018 respectively. in fact, every day deforestation still continues. 

As reported by Austin et. al. (2019), that deforestation mostly caused by plantation (oil palm, timber, and rubber) and mining activities.  Secondly, deforestation also caused by wildfires. As seen almost every year, wildfires causing the smoke problem.

Deforestation in Indonesia

The report above also mentions that from 2001 to 2016, Indonesia is the highest rate of tropical country which loss the natural forest.  

Besides harmful to the ecosystem, deforestation in Indonesia actually will also impact the decreasing of soil fertility.  For example, we found some spots of desertification in southern Sumatra.  Desertification was the impact of land conversion. From the forest to the plantation. 

Flooding also other impacts from deforestation.  Over the past few years, we saw flooding always happen in Indonesia. Not only in Sumatra and Kalimantan, but Java also quite familiar with a flooding problem

Biggest loss caused by deforestation in Indonesia

Deforestation and biodiversity loss risk in Indonesia is the biggest disadvantage. Biodiversity extinction is the biggest loss for human beings causing by deforestation.  Globally, IPBES in 2019, mentions that around 1.000.000 species of plants become endangered (please see

Actually, talking about biodiversity, Indonesia is one of the luckiest countries in the world.  Indonesia has a long story with the biodiversity from the ancient period.  For the history of plant utilization in Indonesia, you can see it by click here.

Rain Forest in Sumatra and Kalimantan as Representative

Indonesia was well known for its huge rain forest. Which mostly is in low land. Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI) mentions that 43%-53% of plant species are in Sumatra and Kalimantan.  From the same data, there are 9,956 species in Kalimantan and 8,931 species in Sumatra. 

To see the Indonesian forest, we can look at Sumatra and Kalimantan as representative. As we can saw in many reports, actually these two islands, which today has the biggest problem with the deforestation in Indonesia.   

In conclusion, deforestation in Indonesia still takes place every day. Indonesia is still at high risk of losing its biodiversity. Both Sumatra and Kalimantan are the riskiest islands. Click here to see the list of 28 endangered species in Indonesia.


Kemen G Austin, Amanda Schwantes, Yaofeng Gu, Prasad S Kasibhatla.  2019. What Causes Deforestation in Indonesia?.  IOP Publishing Ltd.  Environmental Research LettersVolume 14Number 2

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