deforestation in Indonesia

Deforestation in Indonesia: And The List of 28 Endangered Plants Species

With the reason of increasing income, thousand hectares of the rain forest has exploited for plantation and mining area. Many plant species became endangered.  Deforestation in Indonesia contributes to the biodiversity distinction.  Click here to find some data related to deforestation.

Today, many plant species are on the list of endangered species.  In the past, easily we can found them in nature. They were endemic in some spots of the Indonesian forest.

deforestation in Indonesia

Deforestation in Indonesia And Biodiversity Loss Risk

deforestation and biodiversity loss risk in Indonesia still continues. Deforestation is happening in Indonesia.  We can saw data from mention that there are 480,000 and 440,000 hectares of deforestation in 2017 and 2018 respectively. in fact, every day deforestation still continues. 

As reported by Austin et. al. (2019), that deforestation mostly caused by plantation (oil palm, timber, and rubber) and mining activities.  Secondly, deforestation also caused by wildfires. As seen almost every year, wildfires causing the smoke problem.

Indonesian edible flowers

List of edible flowers in Indonesia: 34 species you can easily find in Indonesia

“Say it with a flower” for instance, or “the earth laughs in flowers”. Both are the example of phrases how we look flower daily. Indeed, the flower is one of the plant’s reproductive organs. With the attractive shapes and colors, actually, the flower is proof of the beautiful design of creation.  I try to make a list of edible flowers in Indonesia to complete the existing information.

Because of the beauty and colorful, flower known as an aesthetic element. Indonesian people, besides known as ornamental plants, also use flowers as food. Many plants actually have edible flowers. Here is a list of edible flowers:

legion botanica

Brief History of Plant Utilization In Indonesia

Indonesia is the 15th largest country in the world. With a total area of 1,904,569 kilometers square and more than 18.000 islands. An article that contains some information about plants utilization in Indonesia

Located in an equator between 2 continents Asia and Australia, and two oceans; the Pacific and Indian ocean.  Indonesia is one of the world’s hot spots for biodiversity.  With about 40,000 of a huge group of Spermatophytes, and more than 2,000 fern species, and 80,000 fungi species.