Stinging Nettles In Indonesia

Common Stinging Nettles In Indonesia

Common stinging nettles in Indonesia consist of several genera and many species. Their distribution is almost in every place in the Indonesian forest. Always interesting to learn more detail about them. It because I often saw and also get stung during my expedition.

The article is combining the information already available with personal observations while traveling in several areas. Please do not hesitate to give your input and correction. Perhaps there is some information that still needs to add.

Rare plants in Indonesia

List Of 56 Endangered Plants In Indonesia

Endangered plants in Indonesia are the subject of an interesting discussion. Indonesia is the country with the large biodiversity in the world.  Its because Indonesia is number 3 in the world’s largest rainforest. After Amazon and Congo rainforest.  What factors cause the rarity? 

Not only become the border of 2 continents (Australia and Asia), its territory has geographic boundaries for endemic species (Wallace, Webber, and Lydekker lines), but also, there are 18,000 islands, which allow for geographical isolation and further enrich the diversity of species

information about plants in Indonesia krb

Information about plants in Indonesia: some websites you can explore to find the facts from different aspects

When we looking for information about plants in Indonesia on the internet, actually there are no many choices of searching results we have.  The websites are still limited. Some websites we can found also have unique topics.  But by compiling the information of some websites below, hopefully, it will help you to find the information about Indonesian plants

the most poisonous plant in the world

What is The Most Poisonous Plant In The World, Which You Can Easily Find In Indonesia

What Shakespeare put in his masterpiece actually contains some information about the most poisonous plant in the world. The tragic story of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is closely related to Deadly nightshade (Athropa belladonna).   In Hamlet, he mentions about curse of hebenon, which many scientists believe is Henbane (Hyoscyamus niger). And wild pansy (Viola tricola) in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

edible plants in Indonesia

Edible plants in Indonesia

Always interesting to talk about edible plants in Indonesia. The abundance of plant species in Indonesia is one of the greatest blessings for peoples who live here. Without a doubt, here we have a wise word that mentions Indonesia as gemah ripah loh jinawi nation. The meaning of this sentence is a nation with fertile land and sufficient food and peace and prosperity.