10 uses of Caryota mitis as a survival plant

Caryota mitis as survival plants and their 10 uses you should know

10 uses of Caryota mitis as survival plants you should know. Survival situations may happen to everyone. You who loved outdoor activities, such as hiking, trekking, exploring, usually have learned how to face the survival evidence.  Which you probably never expected.  But again, a survival situation can happen to everyone.  It can be caused by getting lost, natural disasters, or some other reasons.

Medicinal and vegetable plant

Medicinal And Vegetable Plant | Sembukan (Paederia foetida)

Sembukan (Paederia foetida) is one of the traditional medicinal and vegetable plant in Indonesia. The leaves can be eaten raw or usually cooked first. Their stems and leaves emit an unpleasant odor. The smell we can feel when we stand near to the plant. And it will increase sharply when we squeeze the leaves. When it becomes food, an unpleasant odor will be felt on the breath and when farting.


How To Make Coffee Without Coffee Maker, 13 Things To Consider

How to make coffee without coffee maker? Indonesian people, traditionally enjoying a cup of coffee which is made manually.  A long history of coffee in the world is inseparable from Indonesian history.  Indonesia is the first place for coffee to grew in optimum condition, outside their origin place in Ethiopia. After a long way for Dutch peoples to do trial in some places.