Reundeu is vegetables of the past, but today, Reundeu (Staurogyne elongata) is more popular only as medicinal plants. Based on the information from the Indische Groenten book, many vegetable plants that were once popular are now only known as medicinal plants. Some are even known as ordinary weed. Hopefully, it will initiate other articles to reintroduce some vegetable plants that today being unpopular in Indonesia.

Food as medicine

In fact, our ancestor is healthier. It could be because they consumed foods that had medicinal benefits. So, every day they actually consume natural medicines. In addition to maintaining their daily nutritional needs, they also indirectly benefit from every food they eat every day.

In Indische Groenten book written by Oosche, it is stated that Reundeu (Staurogyne elongata) is one of the favorite vegetables for the people of West Java. They eat Reundeu leaves as vegetables. They are consumed in a fresh form as lalab, boiled, and also steamed. In the past, they often eat and combine it together with sambal Oncom.

Reundeu is vegetables of the past

How is Reundeu today

Currently, Reundeu is famous for being the word from several places. In some provinces; West Java, Jakarta, and Banten, we can find it. Reundeu is also more famous as a medicinal plant. In several online markets, they offer as medicinal plants. In fact, in the era of 1920 – 1960, Reundeu was one of the popular vegetables. Especially in West Java and Central Java. A common local name for this species is Reundeu (Sundanese) and Kakeji (Javanese).

Based on information from, Reundeu distribute in Sumatra and Java. But, mention that Reundeu is also found in Malaysia. Nowadays, fewer Indonesian people recognize Reundeu as a vegetable. From simple conversations with some people in West Java, most of them don’t even know what Reundeu looks like in nature. Even though Reundeu is currently available in some online shops. They sell Reundeu as a medicinal plant. No longer as vegetables.

Where can we find Reundeu?

This herbaceous plant is commonly grew in West Java and Central Java. Especially in the humid part of the forest. Reundeu also grows along streams and in places close to water sources. It spreads from the lowlands to an altitude of about 1200 masl. Common propagation using seeds. Reundeu will grow optimally in soil rich with humus.

Benefits of Reundeu as vegetables

Reundeu has a high content of antioxidants. As medicinal plant, Reundeu can be used to cure joint pain, secretion problems, and anuria. It mention in proceedings of the 2015 Indonesian Biodiversity Society National Seminar.

Reudeu leaves have strong diuretic properties.  Reundeu leaves also become an alternative to treat the symptoms of kidney stones. Many sellers offering Reundeu leaves in online shops for the treatment of kidney stones.

Another benefit of Reudeu is as an anti-microbial. This is because Rendeu contains several kinds of microflora, one of which is phyllosphere bacilli. This microflora is still remain when the leaves ather washed. The results of the study show that Reundeu’s anti-microbial properties can fight several bacterial pathogens, such as Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, Candida tropicalis, and Staphylococcus aureus.


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