The wild medicinal plant is one of the gifts for Indonesia.  The huge rainforest is the best home for many medicinal plants species.  it has been a long time since Indonesia was famous as the land of diversity for plants and animals.  medicinal plants are also abundant in Indonesia.  But, there are many underutilized. Unfortunately, deforestation is a serious issue related to diversity.

There are many important plants in the world, natively from Indonesia.  Just some examples, we can find many types of nutmeg, banana, mango, durian, coconut, and bamboo in many places in Indonesia.  Besides, native species, Indonesia is also a pleasant place for some introduction plants, such as coffee, oil palm, and rubber tree.  Nowadays, there are millions of hectares of the plantation from these three plants. 

Easy To Find Wild Medicinal Plant In Indonesia

Seuseureuhan (Piper aduncum) are easy to find in the Indonesian forest up to 2000 ASL or in the backyard of rural areas.  They prefer humid conditions to grow and are mostly found along with the water source.  There are some local names for this species.  Sundanese peoples named it Seuseureuhan or Kiseureuh. Other local names are Sirihan and Sasahang.

Detail Studies Of Wild Medicinal Plant Are Still Limited

Medicinal plants are also abundant in Indonesia. Today, there are many of them that have not been studied in detail. The utilization of medicinal plants, in many occasion also still rely on their availability in the nature. Studies of some potential wild medicinal plants are also currently limited. This may be the reason why it’s so hard to get the information in detail about some medicinal plants.

wild medicinal plant

Chemicals Compound

Seuseureuhan is one of the wild plants which has medicinal benefits.  Recent scientific studies reveal some facts which confirm it.  Some beneficial secondary metabolites are present in the plants.  These beneficial compounds are flavonoids, sesquiterpenes, monoterpenes, heterocycles, phenylpropanoids, alkaloids, chromenes, and benzenoids. 

Some scientific studies mention that a group of the benzenoid compounds from Seuseureuhan has an antibacterial function.  Other studies also reported that the essential oil from the leaves and the fruits also have antimicrobial functions. These compounds are the potential to reduce bacterial infection.

Medicinal Uses

Sap Of Wild Medicinal Plant

Peoples use the sap from the stems to treat furuncle and new external wounds.  They got the knowledge from their parents. Usually, people who live near the forest will directly do it.  They took fresh from their nearby when they face the evidence. 

Young leaves

The young shoots are commonly used as a traditional medicine to treat colds. Peoples eat directly in a fresh condition. These parts are also effective for thermogenesis during peoples do outdoor activities.


Peoples boil the leaves then use the water to treat the inflammation, dysentery, dyspepsia, diarrhoea.  Take some leaves and boil them.  Wait till the water is warm, remove the leaves and then drink the water.

The leaves are also useful when you are in the tropical forest and afraid of mosquitos.  You can use it as a mosquito repellent.  You can take some leaves. Squeeze it, and then rub it on your skin.

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